In cooperation with the biggest operators and video services providers, we have created a unique system that allows our customers to access their VOD and TV services from their cars.
With electric vehicles and autonomous systems on the rise, passengers now want to enjoy entertainment during their journey.
Spydrom connects the user’s existing TV and VOD service subscriptions and transfers them to cars, all in these three simple steps: Sign up – Connect your account to your car – Watch content in your car.
We have developed solutions and we are gradually integrating them into individual car brands.
Car manufacturers prefer our service, since it provides dozens of different TV and VOD services in one application, and it offers thousands of TV channels, films, and series of all genres, including premium content.
We will soon introduce the first car brand, which will provide their customers with endless video content.
Spydrom is currently finalizing the integration of their services within the EU, so that at least one major TV and VOD operator is integrated in each country.
The service provides online TV and VOD streaming. We are implementing the option to share content on other displays in your car and on your own device.

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