Spydrom R&D Division

The R&D Division of Spydrom presents a new concept of cooperation with partners focused on development of ideal technical solutions related to the connectivity of cars. Partners participate on the development and improvement of technical solutions, they share their technological experiences, expectations, and cooperate on adjusting their services. Partners have access to all technical documentation, to the latest version of the Spydrom service. They can also propose improvements and suggest or manage updates of the specifications of the connection components. During the integration of Spydrom services, they are continually consulted on these and other technical issues.

From this point of view, this step is very important for car manufacturers. Since they do not need to pay for specification changes of the Spydrom application for each specific car brand separately, they will save finances. Conversely, car manufacturers can use our information and documentation, and simply prepare the technological mediums in their cars for future integration of the Spydrom application.

We have merged two different directions of our company in this project. From the business side, our goal is to integrate the services of hundreds of different TV and VOD operators into the Spydrom platform, which every important car brand can subsequently offer to their customers. The Spydrom R&D Division represents the technological side. It is constantly focused on development and research of video streaming services.


Benefits of partners working with the Spydrom R&D Division

Benefits for customers using the service in the car

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