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Division of Spydrom company comes up with new concept of cooperation with partners focused on development of ideal technical solutions in the range of connectivity of cars together with partners.. Partners participate on the development and improvement of technical solutions, they share their technological experiences, expectations, and cooperate on setting of these services with each other. Partners have the acces to all technical documentation, to the latest version of Spydrom service and they create any improvement on their side, suggest and manage proposals for actualisations of components’specifications of connection and other technical issues for current and future cooperation in the form of integration of Spydrom services.

It is very important step for car manufactures how to save finances, talking from this point of view, which they would have to pay for change of specifications of Spydrom application of each specific car brand seperately. Conversely car manufacturers use our information, documentation and just prepare their technological medium in cars for future integration of the application.
We put together two different directions of our company in this project. Business way of our company, whose goal is to integrate services of hundreds of TV and VOD operators to the Spydrom‘ s platform, which will be offered to their customers then by every importaint car brands and technological interest as well, which is covered by R&D Spydrom divison, which is focused constantly on development and research of services of streaming videos.


Benefits of partners in the project Division R&D Spydrom

  • Partner participates actively in development and creation of service.
  • Partner suggests and directs changes, supplements, and requirements on the service
  • Partner gets the access to complete SDK, application and documentation including actualizations.
  • Partner, based on this access, create on their side technological space ready for installation of application Spydrom.
  • Partner has the save of finances because he does not need to invest into specific development of application for his technological space, and just use the standardised service.
  • Partner has the latest information, participates in grouped discussions at the „round table“ with other partners.
  • There are HW producers, technological companies (software, DRM,..) TV and VOD operators and cars among the partners.

Benefits for customers using the service in the car

  • According to the statistics video is still used more often than audio.
  • The customer will connect his current TV or VOD service with his account Spydrom and the service is viewed right in the car. There is no other payment for another service in the car.
  • Statistics and researches show that user uses any services in the car (e.g. Navigation) more likely if it is as a part of dashboard screen rather than using the mobile phone, even if the service is possible to be used in better quality. Bigger screen is the most important feature.
  • There is easy and clever control in the dashboard screen ready for user, which is ajusted to the car area.
  • The content is always ready for the user. As a result he does not need to think about the tablet he forgot to take for his children.
  • It is shown by the latest research that as soon as the autonomous car will be introduces, watching of video content will be one of three most popular activities done in users‘ cars.
  • Customer will compare the offers of car producers, if they offer this service of Spydrom and which TV and VOD operators are the part of Spydrom service.

If you are interested to become a part to the important community of our partners, please contact us.

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